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Make Data Work
September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Extend on-premises Hadoop and Spark deployments across data centers and the cloud, including Microsoft Azure (sponsored by Microsoft and WANdisco)

Jagane Sundar (WANdisco), Pranav Rastogi (Microsoft)
1:15pm1:55pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Location: 1A 03

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to use active data replication technology with Hadoop and Hive to guarantee application availability


It’s no secret that IT downtime can cripple a company’s finances and reputation in potentially disastrous ways. While there are many backup and disaster recovery options on the market, only one solution can guarantee application availability in the face of a data center outage with nearly zero RPO and RTO.

Jagane Sundar and Pranav Rastogi explain how to meet your enterprise SLAs while making full use of resources with patented active data replication technology—something computer science still says is impossible.

Topics include:

  • How Hadoop and Hive can be used in a globally distributed manner with distributed consensus algorithm Paxos, which can be used to realize a single Hive table that can operate in multiple datacenters
  • How to concurrently ingest data into a replicated table from any of these data centers with guaranteed consistency
  • How to use Paxos to build a multi-data-center HDFS data lake that will accept writes concurrently from all regions

This session is sponsored by Microsoft and WANdisco.

Photo of Jagane Sundar

Jagane Sundar


Jagane Sundar is the CTO at WANdisco. Jagane has extensive big data, cloud, virtualization, and networking experience. He joined WANdisco through its acquisition of AltoStor, a Hadoop-as-a-service platform company. Previously, Jagane was founder and CEO of AltoScale, a Hadoop- and HBase-as-a-platform company acquired by VertiCloud. His experience with Hadoop began as director of Hadoop performance and operability at Yahoo. Jagane’s accomplishments include creating Livebackup, an open source project for KVM VM backup, developing a user mode TCP stack for Precision I/O, developing the NFS and PPP clients and parts of the TCP stack for JavaOS for Sun Microsystems, and creating and selling a 32-bit VxD-based TCP stack for Windows 3.1 to NCD Corporation for inclusion in PC-Xware. Jagane is currently a member of the technical advisory board of VertiCloud. He holds a BE in electronics and communications engineering from Anna University.

Photo of Pranav Rastogi

Pranav Rastogi


Pranav Rastogi is a program manager on Microsoft’s Azure HDInsight team. Pranav spends most of his time making it easier for customers to leverage the big data ecosystem to build big data solutions faster.