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September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Mapping cities through data to model risk in retail and real estate

Vincent-Charles Hodder (Local Logic)
2:00pm2:30pm Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Strata Business Summit
Location: 1E 07/08
Secondary topics:  Geospatial, Retail
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The location characteristics of a retail or real estate development dictate the types of customers they attract and the customer experience they deliver. Unfortunately, traditional real estate and retail industries have not taken advantage of the insights that location characteristics can provide them, instead relying on historic performance data to determine what and where to build.

Vincent-Charles Hodder explains how to model future demand for specific retail offerings and real estate projects as well as target marketing efforts to the most relevant locations in the city based on specific customer profiles. Via proprietary algorithms and massive amounts of open data, satellite imagery, and user-generated demand data, Local Logic is able to map and analyze the types of experiences a consumer will have for any specific street corner in the city. By quantifying dozens of seemingly qualitative aspects of any city, the company can recognize which characteristics of location impact various types of experiences and then manage the underlying risk related to these activities and their financing.

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Vincent-Charles Hodder

Local Logic

Vincent-Charles Hodder is the cofounder and CEO of Local Logic, an information company providing location insights on cities to help travelers, home buyers, and investors make better, more informed decisions. Vincent is passionate about cities, tech, and how they can work together to change the way we live. He has a background in finance and urban planning and worked in real estate development before starting Local Logic.