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Make Data Work
September 26–27, 2016: Training
September 27–29, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Erin Akred

Erin Akred
Data Scientist, DataKind


Erin Akred is a former Presidential Innovation Fellow and data and analytics specialist focusing on improving the human experience through sustainability, education, and healthy lifestyles. Her work over the past 15 years—spanning industries and academia across the public and private sectors and resulting in multiple patents and awards—illustrates the art of the possible in a world of abundant data.


9:00am–5:00pm Tuesday, 09/27/2016
Location: 1 E 12/1 E 13
Jen van der Meer (Reason Street), JOLENE JEFFRIES (GE Digital), David Boyle (Audience Strategies), Josh Laurito (Squarespace), Nitin Kaul (Merck & Co., Inc.), richard baumgartner (Merck), Vinee Kumar (Dept of Transportation), Joanne Chen (Truveris), Renee DiResta (New Knowledge), Jaya Kolhatkar (Walmart ), Ghazal Badiozamani (Elsevier), Mike Koelemay (Lockheed Martin), Erin Akred (DataKind), Michael Dowd (DataKind), Vinee Kumar (Dept of Transportation), Renee DiResta (New Knowledge), Madhuri kollu (Sabre), Tara Prakriya (Maana)
The road to a data-driven business is paved with hard-won lessons, painful mistakes, and clever insights. We're introducing a new Tutorial Day track packed with case studies, where you can hear from practitioners across a wide range of industries. Read more.
2:30pm–3:00pm Tuesday, 09/27/2016
Location: 1 E 12/ 1 E 13
Erin Akred (DataKind), Michael Dowd (DataKind)
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The global movement Vision Zero aims to reduce traffic fatalities and severe injuries to zero. Erin Akred and Michael Dowd explore a partnership between Microsoft, a team of DataKind data scientists, government officials, and researchers that has been working to leverage newly available datasets to inform cities’ efforts nationwide to reduce traffic-related deaths and severe injuries to zero. Read more.