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September 26–27, 2016: Training
September 27–29, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Julien Le Dem

Julien Le Dem
Principal Engineer, WeWork

Website | @J_

Julien Le Dem is a principal engineer at WeWork. He’s also the coauthor of Apache Parquet and the PMC chair of the project, and he’s a committer and PMC member on Apache Pig, Apache Arrow, and a few other projects. Previously, he was an architect at Dremio; tech lead for Twitter’s data processing tools, where he also obtained a two-character Twitter handle (@J_); and a principal engineer and tech lead working on content platforms at Yahoo, where he received his Hadoop initiation. His French accent makes his talks particularly attractive.


2:55pm–3:35pm Wednesday, 09/28/2016
Data innovations
Location: 1 E 07/1 E 08 Level: Advanced
Tags: real-time
Julien Le Dem (WeWork), Jacques Nadeau (Dremio)
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In pursuit of speed, big data is evolving toward columnar execution. The solid foundation laid by Arrow and Parquet for a shared columnar representation across the ecosystem promises a great future. Julien Le Dem and Jacques Nadeau discuss the future of columnar and the hardware trends it takes advantage of, like RDMA, SSDs, and nonvolatile memory. Read more.
3:45pm–4:25pm Wednesday, 09/28/2016
Location: O'Reilly Booth (Table A)
Julien Le Dem (WeWork)
Ask Julien about the future of column-oriented data processing with Arrow and ParquetSession, columnar, and hardware trends like RDMA, SSDs, and nonvolatile memory. Read more.