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O'Reilly Media—Community Partner Program FAQs

About O'Reilly Media's Community Partner Program

Community outreach and sponsorship is one of the ways that O'Reilly Media supports technology communities around the world, and a way for us to provide access to our content and events.

Our partner program includes resources such as conference passes, food catering (for meetups and community events), books, free reports, and swag. We're excited to support technology communities and look forward to working with you.

How do I get food sponsorship for an upcoming meetup, or a conference pass to give away to my group?

To request O'Reilly sponsorship of your community group, sign up to partner with us. Once we receive your information we'll follow-up with you directly.

What is my discount code?

All partners will receive a discount on O'Reilly products and events to share with group members. The codes can be obtained from your O'Reilly contact or through the Partner Center.

Can I share my discount code?

Yes! Please share the codes with your community, social media channels, and anywhere else you see fit.

What are my sponsorship package options?

You may choose ONE of the following sponsorship packages for each sponsored meeting or event. Both sponsorships include a kit of O'Reilly Media books and swag.

Pass Sponsorship:

  • We can provide ONE free pass to an upcoming O'Reilly conference, to give away as a prize drawing at your meetup. You also have the alternative to receive one free provision of a conference Complete Video Compilation (with all recorded keynotes, tutorials, and sessions) valued at up to $800 USD—see example here.

Food Sponsorship:

  • Depending on the expected attendance of your meetup/event, we may be able to sponsor up to $600 USD (or the equivalent amount in your local currency) for food/beverages from the vendor(s) of your choice

What is expected in exchange for sponsorship?

We ask for some combination of the following, as applicable to your group or event:

  • Logo, link, and discount code on your meetup page—see an example. We provide the image and link.
  • Mention of O'Reilly in emails to event attendees or meetup members.
  • Table space at the event or meetup to display books, giveaways, and host a drawing.
  • Verbal acknowledgment of our sponsorship at the event/meetup from the host
  • Include a slide about O'Reilly in your presentation loop, if appropriate
  • Mention in 1-3 social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc -- see example)
  • Names/business cards collected at the meetup for the prize drawing (see delivery information below). These names are added to our weekly newsletters that provide news and free resources. See a sample newsletter.

All of the above are based on the format of your event.

How do I host a drawing?

The best way to give out O'Reilly prizes to your group is through a drawing during an event or meetup. If someone from O'Reilly is able to attend, they'll be able to host the drawing at the event. If an O'Reilly contact is unavailable to attend, you will be responsible for hosting the drawing.

You are free to host the drawing as creatively as you see fit. You can conduct an email drawing, social media giveaway, or select prize winners from a competition or hackathon. Below are suggestions on how a typical drawing is conducted.

  1. Meetup attendees are asked to drop a business card or write down their name and email address on a piece of paper into a bowl or container. Please announce that by entering the drawing or contest, they are opting in to receive and O'Reilly Media newsletter. Your kit of books and swag may contain pen and simple forms for participants to enter the drawing. If not, have some pens and paper available.

    For an attendee to win a conference pass, we must have their email to send them an online registration code. Please request that participants include their email contact on their entry.

  2. After the networking portion of the event/meetup, announce one last chance to enter the drawing so everyone is aware of the opportunity.

    The book winners are announced one by one by drawing a name out of the bowl for each book. Be sure to keep those names separate until the end of the drawing so no winner is called twice. The final name selected is the winner of the conference pass.

  3. For the conference pass winner -- Send the name and email address of the pass winner to O'Reilly, who can contact the winner with the online registration code.

Can I get O'Reilly Media books instead of catering or a conference pass?

Yes. You may choose to award the winner of your drawing with $300 USD of O'Reilly books (or the equivalent amount in your local currency) instead of a conference pass. The winner may also choose to receive the conference video compilation instead of the pass if they are not able to attend the conference.

What if the winner is unable to attend or accept the pass?

You may select another winner from the drawing participants or email your O'Reilly contact to discuss alternative options. We always have a wait list of applicants who would be thrilled to accept the prize.

How is the sponsorship and/or catering paid for?

  1. Option 1: Advance Payment with Credit Card: Place your food and beverage order with the vendor(s) of your choice. At least 2 business days before the event, provide your O'Reilly contact with the vendor contact information and O'Reilly will arrange for payment for your order in advance.
  2. Option 2: Invoice Reimbursement: Provide the receipt as evidence of payment to your O'Reilly contact. You will also need to email an invoice and a completed W-9 form as an organization, company, or individual to your O'Reilly Community Manager contact. If you are outside the US, use the W-8BEN form. Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing.

How long will it take for me to be reimbursed for payment?

Please be patient during the reimbursement process. Provide all of the documents listed above and make sure they are complete, accurate, legible, and formatted properly to ensure reimbursement is processed as quickly as possible.

Once these documents are approved, a check will be issued to you or your company. You should receive this check via post mail within 1-3 weeks.

Do I get a conference pass for myself?

We have a special rewards program just for user group leaders. If you achieve a certain amount of registrations with your unique discount code, you will also earn a free pass to the conference.

How many meetups can I have sponsored?

O'Reilly maintains and cultivates relationships with communities throughout the year. To continue an ongoing sponsorship with O'Reilly Media, please register your group here.

What forms do I need to fill out?

To initiate the process, you must fill out the O'Reilly Partner Program form first.
We only need additional forms (i.e. W-9) if you opt in to the catering sponsorship.

Do you also give away ebooks and video training as drawing prizes?

Yes, upon request. Please let your O'Reilly contact know which O'Reilly book or video titles you would like to feature in the drawing from the O'Reilly shop

How much does this cost?

It costs you nothing, aside from the time it takes to post information on the website and host the drawing.

Does O'Reilly have an online library?

Books and videos are available for purchase on the O'Reilly shop. We also have an online subscription service, Safari Books Online.

Does O'Reilly need the name of the prize drawing winners?

Yes, to provide the prizes.

Forms needed for reimbursement:

For food/beverage sponsorships, please provide the following documents to your O'Reilly contact:

  • A copy of all the receipts for the catering order
  • An invoice with the total amount requested, with accurate instructions for payment (this includes who the payment should be made out to, and a delivery address for the check)
  • ONE of these two forms:
    1. W-9 Form (pdf) if you are based in the U.S.
    2. W-8BEN Form (pdf) if you are based outside the U.S. Instructions for W-8BEN Form (pdf)

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