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Make Data Work
September 26–27, 2016: Training
September 27–29, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Convince your manager

You're eager to attend Strata + Hadoop World, and why not? It has the potential to help you work smarter, and support your business and career goals. Below are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Before the conference: Build support for your attendance

During the conference: Track your participation

The conference website and Events App have useful features to help keep track of your participation. Use the Personal Schedule feature to track the sessions you attend (you must be registered to access the Personal Schedule).

A few weeks before the conference, you'll receive a notification when the Attendee Directory becomes available. Start to note and contact the people you're interested in meeting.

During the conference, post about the sessions you attend on your social media channels. You'll gain new followers, grow your network, and your colleagues will see what you're learning. The official Twitter conference hashtag is #StrataHadoop.

After the conference: Create a report and share what you learned

After the conference, you'll receive an email with links listing the sessions you attended and people you've met (if you've marked them in your Personal Scheduler and Attendee Directory).

Review your posts after the conference to recap.

Use this information, your social media posts, and the conference Trip Report Template to create a report detailing what you learned. Supplement your own materials with speaker slides and keynote videos, posted during and after the conference. Search for news articles, blog posts, and #StrataHadoop tweets for additional reference materials to include.

The Platinum and Gold passes also come with a video compilation of all recorded presentations, so you can watch them with colleagues who were unable to attend.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Strata + Hadoop World

  • Immerse yourself in the data community.
    Connect with the most original minds in data. Dive into Strata + Hadoop World's famous “Hallway Track,” where tech pioneers, policy makers, data scientists, and business leaders across a wide range of industries share ideas and brainstorm new approaches to old problems.
  • Save time and avoid pitfalls in your data projects.
    Dissect detailed data case studies from companies like MapR, Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, and more. Learn what worked (and what didn't) for people who faced the same data challenges you face. And shave hours of tedious trial-and-error from your most challenging data projects.
  • Solidify your job skills.
    Learn new techniques, time-saving tips, and technologies. Come away from Strata + Hadoop World with plenty of ideas you can use immediately to streamline your work and insure success.
  • Get solutions to your biggest challenges that you can apply today.
    Make a list of your biggest headaches and compare it to the agenda. Odds are, the solutions await you. From real-time data processing to Spark, fraud detection to distributed computing, it's all covered at Strata + Hadoop World.
  • Map out your future.
    Be among the first to know about the latest research, best practices, emerging technologies, and new analytic approaches. Hear from data's brightest minds where big data is going—and how to get there from here.