Panel: Platforms for Personal Data

Location: Strata OLC July Level:

With every click, like, friend, and share, we leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs. This data exhaust can help us improve our health, our job, and our relationships. Or it can be exploited, manipulating our behavior and putting our identity at risk. As a thousand Personal Data flowers bloom, what are the platforms on which it relies? What are the challenges and opportunities? In this panel discussion, Bitcurrent’s Alistair Croll discusses the platforms for personal data with the founders of, Buyosphere, and Memolane.

Photo of Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt


Tara is the cofounder and CEO of, author of The Whuffie Factor, (published in 8 languages) and public speaker who explains how the social web is changing the customer/business relationship. She also spends an inordinate amount of time on social networks.

Photo of Evan Prodromou

Evan Prodromou

Evan Prodromou is founder and CTO of, an AI-as-a-service startup based in Montreal. His previous startups include Wikitravel, StatusNet, where he led development of StatusNet and Open Source social software, and Breather. He is chair of the W3C working group on Social Web standards.

Photo of Eric Laiger

Eric Laiger


Eric Lagier is CEO of In 2010 Eric Lagier co-founded Memolane together with Harry Vangberg and Nikolaj Hald Nielsen. Memolane is your time machine for the web. Capturing your entire online life in one timeline making it easy for you to travel back in time and re-live great memories.
With Memolane you can easily view and explore your photos, music, tweets, updates, check-ins, blogs and more from all of your favorite online services in one place. Simply search your history using the Memolane timeline to step back in time and re-live great memories.

Share memories with friends, explore their Memolanes and invite them to contribute to your Stories. Memolane is the winner of Startupweekend CPH 2010.

Photo of Kaliya Hamlin

Kaliya Hamlin

She's Geeky

Kaliya Hamlin is an expert in user-centric identity and data sharing and is sought out to brief executives in industry, government, and academia, most recently including SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies. She was dubbed Identity Woman early in her involvement in the sector, and this continues to be the name of her blog and her twitter handle. In 2009, Kaliya was named by Fast Company magazine as one of the most influential women in tech.

As a maven and connector with deep experience in process and facilitation methodologies, Kaliya has a proven track record over the past 6 years catalyzing collaboration on the cutting edge of identity and personal data sharing. She has convened over 20 gatherings in the last 6 years that have been significant forums for the development of standards including OpenID v2, Information Cards, OAuth v1 and v2, Portable Contacts, the Salmon Protocol, XRD v1, XDI, and Webfinger. Kaliya co-founded Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) with Doc Searls and Phil Windley. IIW is widely acknowledged as the industry’s leading conference driving innovation, collaboration, and adoption of user-centric technologies.

She is leading this effort to develop a new kind of community-industry association to link stakeholder groups across the emerging personal data ecosystem.