Owning Your Own Data: Statz

Location: Strata OLC July Level:

Can we achieve a balance between consumers’ needs to own their data, and marketers’ needs to target and personalize? Statz is one attempt to strike this balance, giving consumers—sellers of personal information—the ability to control, own and benefit from their own data. In this session, Statz founder Tito Mijares will look at the emergence of a data marketplace from normalized data source attributes, and the privacy mechanisms end users can employ in controlling the granularity of information they disclose.

Photo of Tito Mijares

Tito Mijares


Tito S Mijares has over 20 years experience covering systems programming, data communications and IT consulting in the US and overseas. Prior to Statz, he was responsible for building the Business Intelligence division at WebMD Professional and at Doubleclick, Inc he handled customized AdServer integration projects. Tito took his MS in Computer Science from Ateneo de Manila ACTC and has a BS in Mathematics from University of the Philippines in the Visayas.