Analytics from 330 Million Smartphones

Paul Dix (InfluxDB)
Wednesday, 01/25/2012
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At Strata 2012, we’ll get an inside look at how analytics and ad platform Flurry analyzes data from over 300 million mobile devices every month atop a big Hadoop/HBase cluster. Here, Paul Dix gives us a quick overview of what attendees will learn.

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Paul Dix


Paul Dix is the co-founder and CEO of InfluxDB (YC W13). He is the author of “Service Oriented Design with Ruby & Rails” and the series editor for Addison Wesley’s “Data & Analytics”. Paul organizes and founded the NYC Machine Learning meetup with over 3500 members. In the past he has worked at companies big and small including Google, Microsoft, and McAfee.

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Picture of Paul Dix
Paul Dix
01/25/2012 4:02am PST

Thanks Susan, I’ll give a better explanation of Flurry in my talk at Strata.

Susan Straub
01/25/2012 1:52am PST

Suggestion for Paul Dix. Please give a moment at the beginning of your talk to explain what Flurry is and what the problem was before launching into the solution you’ve implemented. I’m only just catching on to what is being discussed.