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Make Data Work
21–22 May 2018: Training
22–24 May 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Jonathan Leslie

Jonathan Leslie
Head of Data Science, Pivigo


My work involves a combination of consultancy and hands-on work. As a consultant, I work with business partners to develop data science solutions that make the most of their data, including in-depth analysis of existing data and predictive analytics for future business needs. My hands-on work includes programming, mentoring and managing teams of data scientists on projects in a wide variety of business domains.


16:3517:15 Thursday, 24 May 2018
Emerging technologies and case studies
Location: Capital Suite 10/11 Level: Beginner
Jonathan Leslie (Pivigo), Tom Harrison (Hackney Council)
Social housing provides secure, low-cost housing options to those most in need. One major challenge to this programme is determining how best to target interventions when tenants fall behind on rent payments. We will discuss a recent project in which a team of data scientist trainees helped Hackney Council devise a more efficient, targeted strategy to detect and prioritise such situations. Read more.
16:3517:15 Thursday, 24 May 2018
Daniel Gilbert (News UK), Jonathan Leslie (Pivigo)
In the era of 24-hour news and online newspapers, editors in the newsroom must be able to make fast decisions about their content and must quickly and efficiently make sense of the enormous amounts of data that they encounter. We will discuss an ongoing partnership between News UK and Pivigo in which a team of data science trainees helped develop an AI platform to help in this task. Read more.