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Make Data Work
21–22 May 2018: Training
22–24 May 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Radhika Dutt

Radhika Dutt
Coauthor, Radical Product

Website | @radhikadutt

Radhika is a product executive who has participated in 4 exits, two of which were companies she founded. The first startup she co-founded was Lobby7, a venture-backed company that created an early version of Siri back in 2000 and was acquired by Scansoft/Nuance. She later worked at Avid, growing their broadcast business by building a product suite to address pain points of broadcasters worldwide as they were moving from tape to digital media. She then led strategy at the telecom startup, Starent Networks, later acquired by Cisco for $2.9B. She left Cisco to start Likelii to offer consumers “Pandora for wine”. Likelii was later acquired by Drync. Recently she led Product Management at Allant to build a SaaS product for TV advertising. Allant’s TV division was subsequently acquired by Acxiom. Too long ago to admit, Radhika graduated from MIT with an SB and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and speaks 9 languages. You can follow her on the Medium publication, Radical Product and on Twitter @radhikadutt.


9:0012:30 Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Data-driven business management, Strata Business Summit
Location: Capital Suite 8 Level: Non-technical
Radhika Dutt (Radical Product), Geordie Kaytes (Fresh Tilled Soil), Nidhi Aggarwal (Radical Product)
These days it’s easy for companies to say, "We measure everything!” The problem is, most “popular” metrics may not be appropriate or relevant for your business. Measurement isn’t free, and should be done strategically. This session covers how you can align measurement with your product strategy, so you can measure what matters for your business. Read more.