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21–22 May 2018: Training
22–24 May 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK

IoT improves center of activity: DHL increases efficiency and reduces distance traveled across the warehouse

Kevin Parent (Conduce), Javier Esplugas (DHL Supply Chain)

Who is this presentation for?

Executive management, supply chain and warehouse operations.

Prerequisite knowledge

General understanding of the Industrial IoT

What you'll learn

Being able to see, understand and act everything that happens around a center of activity through a single, unified human interface unlocks unprecedented cost savings and significant operational efficiencies.


This session is a joint presentation by Xavi Esplugas, DHL Supply Chain Vice President IT Planning and Architecture (MLEMEA) and Kevin Parent, CEO of Conduce. DHL has partnered with Conduce to provide a human interface that provides real-time visualizations that support DHL’s IoT strategy.

DHL Management and warehouse personnel alike now share a single, unified environment to see, share and collaborate across warehouse supply chain operations, reduce distance traveled to locate, retrieve and distribute warehouse assets, unlock more accurate and timelier insights, and ultimately make better strategic, operational and tactical decisions.
In a warehouse, distance traveled by an individual either on foot or MHE (Material Handling Equipment) is an essential metric to measure and reveal operational productivity. For example, distance traveled directly impacts the efficiency of loading operations where workers select items from warehouse storage areas and load in a loading area. Any extra distance humans and/or equipment must travel to perform these operations decreases the velocity and number of loads achieved in a given period of time. Each extra step taken by a human or distance traveled by a piece of equipment incurs additional costs of extra time and money.

By identifying and tracking the movement of humans and/or equipment DHL is able to optimize operations in warehouses or similar environments. DHL currently tracks a center of activity of human and equipment movement over time in given areas, affording Conduce technology the ability to visualize this activity.

Our presentation seeks to explain how DHL and Conduce track human and MHE activity over time and a center of activity. Conduce captures this activity visually in a warehouse or similar environment, allowing managers to quickly identify how extra travel time in the warehouse may be impacting operations. We will share the insights and efficiencies DHL garners from Conduce technology.

Photo of Kevin Parent

Kevin Parent


Kevin Parent is the CEO of Conduce, a company that helps leaders and teams see and interact with all their data instantly using a single, intuitive human interface. An innovator, Kevin’s entire career has focused on connecting the dots between advances in technology and human experiences. Previously, he cofounded Oblong Industries, where he invented new–to–the-world interfaces that allow users to interact with software using displays, gestures, wands, tablets, and smartphones, and spent 10 years engineering theme park attractions. (He was a project engineer for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Imagineering.) Kevin is the author of six patents. He holds a degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his undergraduate thesis work was conducted in MIT’s Media Lab.

Photo of Javier Esplugas

Javier Esplugas

DHL Supply Chain

Javier “Xavi” Esplugas is the vice president of IT planning and architecture at DHL Supply Chain. Xavi has served in a number of roles at DHL Supply Chain. Previously, he drove the standardization and innovation agenda in Europe, which included DHL’s vision picking, robotics, and the internet of things. Xavi holds an MSC in computer engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.

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