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21–22 May 2018: Training
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Leveraging public-private partnerships using data analytics for economic insights

Audrey Lobo-Pulo (The Australian Treasury), Nick O'Donnell (LinkedIn), Jacinta Greenwell (The Australian Treasury)
11:1511:55 Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Law, ethics, and governance, Strata Business Summit
Location: Capital Suite 15/16 Level: Non-technical

Who is this presentation for?

Community, general public and interested citizens

Prerequisite knowledge

There is no prerequisite knowledge required.

What you'll learn

• Understand the value provided by public-private partnerships in delivering new data-driven insights that support better economic management, policy design and impact measurement. • Understand the issues around working with private datasets held by separate organisations in achieving results that parties trust and are confident in. • A glimpse into the demographic and geographic impacts of the changing nature of jobs in Australia, with a special case study focussing on the economic impacts of ‘entrepreneurship’.


Governments around the world are looking to new data sources to gain previously undiscovered insights to deliver the best policy and service outcomes for the public.

In October 2017, the Australian Treasury and LinkedIn embarked on a pilot project to gain a deeper understanding of Australia’s labour markets. This public-private partnership presents a unique opportunity for the Treasury to derive new data-driven insights about industry composition, employment trends and job creation. These new findings could potentially improve economic productivity and living standards for citizens.

The Treasury advises the government on a wide range of social and economic issues, including macroeconomic conditions, forecasting and policy options. LinkedIn operates the largest professional network on the Internet with more that 530 million members in over 200 countries, 50,000 skills, 9 million employers, over 120 million open jobs and 29,000 educational institutions. Member activity on the LinkedIn platform generates a wealth of unique labour market data.

Treasury’s domain knowledge of economic modelling and policy design, paired with LinkedIn’s rich dataset and specialised analytics capability, provides a detailed and dynamic narrative of the Australian labour market which may be useful to policy makers. LinkedIn data also allows for employment trends, such as hiring or employer skills demand and inter- and intra-national talent migrations, to be tracked in near real-time, thereby more accurately reflecting the current state of the jobs market.

This presentation discusses the very real benefits that can be achieved when governments work together with the private sector. We also examine how these partnerships can be successful given the challenges of data sharing across public and private organisations, including the need to build mutual confidence and trust in the results.

An iterative benchmarking approach is trialled where LinkedIn data is compared with official national statistics in an effort to better understand LinkedIn’s sample and how it can be used within existing frameworks. We explore different data features to determine meaningful indicators which may be useful for refining existing models. These new insights are visually communicated using D3.

Photo of Audrey Lobo-Pulo

Audrey Lobo-Pulo

The Australian Treasury

Dr. Audrey Lobo-Pulo is a Senior Advisor at the Australian Treasury and is an advocate for open government and the use of open source software in government modelling. Originally a Physicist working in high-speed data transmission, Audrey moved into economic modelling and has experience working across a wide range of policy issues including taxation, housing, social security, labor markets and population demographics. Audrey’s current passion is bringing data science to public policy analytics. She is also an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Photo of Nick O'Donnell

Nick O'Donnell


Nick is LinkedIn’s Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for the Asia Pacific region, leading the company’s efforts to build productive partnerships with governments, decision makers, and policy influencers throughout the region.

His role includes policy and political outreach; government-focused data-sharing projects; work on technology policy issues; and development of workforce and education policy solutions that are at the core of LinkedIn’s corporate mission and its overarching vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Nick worked as legal counsel for Seven West Media before making the transition into a government relations and corporate affairs role. He left the television industry in 2012 joining Yahoo as their head of Public Policy in Asia before making the move to LinkedIn in 2015.

He holds a combined Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Laws and a Masters in Media, Information Technology and Communications Law.

Nick has served as the Chair and Treasurer of the Asia Internet Coalition, leading joint-industry advocacy across Asia and locally as a committee member of the Communications and Media Law Association.

Photo of Jacinta Greenwell

Jacinta Greenwell

The Australian Treasury

Jacinta Greenwell works at the Australian Treasury where she has provided advice on a wide range of economic policy issues including disability and social inclusion, government budgets, demographics and the labour market. Jacinta is honing her data science skills and loving every minute of it. She has a particular interest in creating data visualisation products which she believes can bring economic and policy stories to life. Jacinta is keen to promote the visibility of women in mathematics, economic modelling and data science.

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