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Make Data Work
29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK

Designing the foundation for a data-driven future in financial services

Nicolette Bullivant (Santander UK Technology)
Location: Capital Suite 13
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Santander UK’s journey with big data began back in 2014. In the time since, the organization has transformed the way it harnesses data to drive better decisions across multiple business functions. There are now more than 20 different use cases in production at Santander UK, from identifying new corporate customer targets to cost reduction in both marketing and the core banking system. None of this would have been possible without the solid foundations put in place by the data architecture and engineering teams at the very beginning.

Nicolette Bullivant discusses how Santander has restructured its business around data. Join in to learn about the people, processes, and technology the organization brought together to make it a success and get practical ideas to help you start or progress along your journey with big data.

Photo of Nicolette Bullivant

Nicolette Bullivant

Santander UK Technology

Nicolette Bullivant is the head of data engineering at Santander UK Technology. A technical manager with 18 years’ experience in the IT services industry, she previously led large-scale multilocation change projects comprising data provision, managed MI and data warehouses, ETL, system integration, and IT alignment.