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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
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Implementing enterprise data management in industrial and scientific organizations

Jane McConnell (Teradata), Sun Maria Lehmann (Equinor)
11:1511:55 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
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  • Chief information officers, chief data officers, chief digital officers, and senior architects



What you'll learn

  • Understand the challenges of unifying data management in industrial and scientific companies
  • Learn strategies and organizational patterns for driving an enterprise data culture


As industrial companies go through their digital transformations, they’re finding that their biggest challenges are not purely technical; rather, they’re related to the historical cultural (and organizational) divides that separate parts of their value chain and the different ways in which each part of the organization has managed its data. In industrial companies, it’s common to find that the IT Department was only responsible for a small part of the company’s data: the finance system, HR system, procurement and supply chain. All of the operational data and planning data for each facility or factory—including the industrial automation and control systems that generate sensor data—are unknown to the central IT Department and managed in the facilities under the line of business. And each facility may manage their data differently. (Certain industries like upstream oil and gas, mining, and pharmaceuticals often also have a third distinct category of data, technical and scientific data, that is managed by another group again.)

To achieve the expected business value from digital transformation, these companies need to integrate data from all these data islands, instill a new enterprise-wide culture around data (including its management, its value to the company, and its potential uses), and create a new organizational structure that recognizes the different data competencies across the organization and brings this knowledge together in the most effective way—while still retaining data stewardship in the line of business.

Sun Maria Lehmann and Jane McConnell describe the situation that industrial companies find themselves in, detail how they have approached this challenge with the creation of an Enterprise Data Management Group, and share organizational patterns that can be used to establish a forward-looking data management organization that learns from past expertise while supporting this cultural change around data.

Photo of Jane McConnell

Jane McConnell


Jane McConnell is a practice partner for oil and gas within Teradata’s Industrial IoT Group, where she shows oil and gas clients how analytics can provide strategic advantage and business benefits in the multimillions. Jane is also a member of Teradata’s IoT core team, where she sets the strategy and positioning for Teradata’s IoT offerings and works closely with Teradata Labs to influence development of products and services for the industrial space. Originally from an IT background, Jane has also done time with dominant market players such as Landmark and Schlumberger in R&D, product management, consulting, and sales. In one role or another, she has influenced information management projects for most major oil companies across Europe. She chaired the education committee for the European oil industry data management group ECIM, has written for Forbes, and regularly presents internationally at oil industry events. Jane holds a BEng in information systems engineering from Heriot-Watt University in the UK. She is Scottish and has a stereotypical love of single malt whisky.

Photo of Sun Maria Lehmann

Sun Maria Lehmann


Sun Maria Lehmann is a leading engineer within the Enterprise Data Management Group at Equinor. Previously, she worked in data management at the Norwegian Hydrographic office and in drilling services at Statoil, including serving in advisory positions and as a member of the Blue Book Work Group and Diskos Well Committee. Sun holds an MSc in petroleum geoscience from NTNU.