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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK

How easyJet transformed to create a listening enterprise data hub in the cloud

Aaronpal Dhanda (EasyJet )
16:3017:00 Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Data Engineering and Architecture
Location: Capital Suite 12
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Who is this presentation for?

Technology Leaders, Architects, Engineers, Data & Analytics Professionals



Prerequisite knowledge

Business Intelligence, Data Architecture, Data Management Processes, Agile Software Development

What you'll learn

How to apply a data strategy in the context of enterprise concerns within the airline industry specific. Lambda architecture, Enterprise Data Architecture case study, Real-life application of bi-modal analytics working with data engineering and data operations at enterprise scale.


Evolution of the Analytics estate at easyJet has been gradual over the years, with constraints on investment in analytics and overall data management in recent years, business demand has now led to two worlds of analytics that have data siloes within them and two micro-organisations with very different ways of working both delivering business intelligence and analytics.

In order to truly achieve the vision of the “most data driven airline in the world” an evolutionary approach to platform architecture, engineering delivery and data product ownership has been necessary.

As well as a substantial investment into a technology easyJet have reengineered the approach to delivery and integration of IT with data science, analytics and business communities.

Layering of technology has allowed the Datahub become increasingly integrated into the heart of organisation with a role as part of the Enterprise Integration services as well as analytics and Data products.

This talk explains how taking a product-centric approach to collaborating on data engineering and laying out an evolutionary hub architecture enabled our core strategy using Cloudera EDH and the power of Amazon Web Services.

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Aaronpal Dhanda


Aaron has 15 years of practical experience a managing BI and Data Engineering functions. He has worked in various industries such as Transport, Banking, Retail and Aviation.

Whilst at easyJet Aaron has been responsible for building up the technology data delivery function. Implementing new ways of working inside a traditional IT function helping it make it the “the most data driven airline in the world”.