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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
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Deploying your real-time apps on thousands of servers and still being able to breathe

Constantin Muraru (Adobe), Dan Popescu (Adobe)
16:3517:15 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Data Engineering and Architecture, Expo Hall
Location: Expo Hall 2 (Capital Hall N24)
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Big data engineers, engineering managers, data scientists, product managers, and IT managers working with real-time backend applications



Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of the web (HTTP, web servers, microservices, etc.) and cloud providers and tools (Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, Kubernetes, etc.)

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to automate deployments of real-time (web) applications in the cloud
  • Understand the benefits of immutable infrastructure when deploying real-time services
  • Learn how to achieve multicloud deployments with open source tool Spinnaker
  • Discover how to make sure there is no data loss when deploying a new version of the application
  • See how to deal with failure and other unexpected events


When dealing with applications handling billions of web requests per day, deployed on thousands of servers, some serious muscles need to be flexed. Take into consideration that these applications are constantly evolving, requiring frequent deployments with no data loss, and the problem gets even more complicated. How do we deploy these applications while the plane is flying, in a reliable and precise manner, with minimal human intervention?

The solution revolves around one word: automatization. Constantin Muraru and Dan Popescu explain how the right tools make it possible for engineers to automize their deployments in Adobe Audience Manager, so they can stop worrying about the little things and focus on what matters most: creating value for customers by developing beautiful products.

Topics include:

  • Why immutable infrastructure is your best friend
  • How to integrate the open source tool Spinnaker as an instrument to achieve immutable infrastructure when deploying in the cloud
  • How to deal with stateful applications
  • How to deal with failures and other unexpected events
  • How to achieve automated recovery
Photo of Constantin Muraru

Constantin Muraru


Constantin Muraru is an engineer at Adobe. In his time at the company, he has worked on various Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, where he got to experiment with mobile, video, and backend development. His team currently focuses on offering infrastructure automatization and fast deployments in Adobe Audience Manager. Outside business hours, he loves playing pool and enjoys a good book.

Photo of Dan Popescu

Dan Popescu


Dan Popescu is a site reliability engineer on the Adobe Audience Manager team at Adobe, where he’s currently focused on creating and deploying continuous delivery pipelines for applications within the project—dealing with all aspects of the automation process from instance provisioning to application deployments. Dan is passionate about technology and recently about programming in general. He also loves playing video games.