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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK

How NLP is helping a European financial institution enhance customer experience

Tal Doron (GigaSpaces)
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A great customer experience (CX) can differentiate your company in highly competitive markets, as customers become more knowledgeable and demanding. Service agents who provide the correct responses quickly and efficiently both enhance customer experience and reduce the time the agent spends on the line, lowering operational costs.

Tal Doron explains how a leading IT service provider for financial firms leverages NLP to match cases on their CRM system to live service calls via case and subject. The system responds with subsecond latency, displaying the top responses for the agent to refer to, and runs on an in-memory distributed real-time analytics platform, which is able to create continuous learning models based on each transaction, ensuring the most updated models for smarter and faster insights.

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Tal Doron


Tal Doron is the director of technology innovation at GigaSpaces, where he bridges the gap between business and technology, architecting, and strategizing digital transformation from ideas to success with strong business impact, and he manages presales activities, engaging with all levels of decision makers from architects to strategic dialogue with C-level executives. Tal brings over a decade of technical experience in enterprise architecture specializing in mission-critical applications with focus on real-time analytics, distributed systems, identity management, fusion middleware, and innovation. Previously, Tal held positions at Dooblo, Enix, Experis BI, and Oracle.