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29 April–2 May 2019
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Data transformation of Turkcell

Semih Kumluk (Turkcell)
12:0012:30 Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Culture and organization
Location: Capital Suite 12
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Turkcell has conducted several training courses for its employees, such as data science enablement, artificial intelligence, and machine learning as well as courses from Udacity. People throughout the company are now engaging in data activities within their functions. The company calls these trained employees “communities.” Turkcell also has a centralized data science team and works to create synergy between this team and other citizen data scientists to achieve more.

Semih Kumluk offers an overview of the data science community within Turkcell, which generates projects in all areas of the company, including HR, finance, and sales—all working toward transforming the company into a data-driven business.

Semih Kumluk


Semih Kumluk is a data scientist and human resources manager at Turkcell. He came to the company as part of the Enterprise Risk Management Department reporting to the board of directors. After receiving marketing, data science, and programming training provided by the company, he moved to the Human Resources Department to manage the employees who took these training courses with him—helping create value for the company while the company gets a return on its training investments. He’s also working on data science and AI projects of his own. With his diverse background and interest areas, Semih considers himself the “Da Vinci of the private sector.” At Unilever, he worked in the hair R&D segment; was a customer service executive in the Logistics Department responsible for ice cream; and was an innovation planning manager responsible for Unilever Food Solutions. He holds a master’s degree in engineering and technology management from Bogazici University and is working toward a PhD in finance in the Management Department at Yeditepe University. He also attended an executive education program in branding at the Kellogg School of Management. In his free time, he mentors university students, runs, swims, and competes in Iron Man races.