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Make Data Work
31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK

Government conference sessions

12:05–12:45 Thursday, 2/06/2016
Mads Hjorth (Danish Agency for Digitisation)
Mads Hjorth offers a glimpse of a world-class digital public administration, showcasing how data has transformed the Danish public administration and its services toward citizens and businesses, and issues a call for cross-border collaboration to effectively address central challenges using modern data technologies.
11:15–11:55 Thursday, 2/06/2016
Brian Hills (The Data Lab)
The Data Lab is an innovation center that delivers social and economic benefit to Scotland by bringing industry, the public sector, and academia together to exploit new opportunities from data. Brian Hills shares insights and lessons learned during the center's first 18 months, organized into three themes: collaborative innovation, nurturing skills and talent, and community building.
12:05–12:45 Friday, 3/06/2016
Daniele Quercia (Bell Labs)
Daniele Quercia discusses the launch of—a global group of like-minded people who are passionate about building technologies whose focus is not necessarily to create a smart city but to give a good life to city dwellers.