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31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK
Arun Karthick Manoharan

Arun Karthick Manoharan
Senior Product Manager, eBay

Website | @lycos_86

Arun Karthick Manoharan is a senior product manager at eBay, where he is currently responsible for building data platforms. Prior to eBay, Arun was a product manager for IBM Data Explorer and a product manager at Vivisimo.


14:55–15:35 Friday, 3/06/2016
Location: Capital Suite 10/11 Level: Intermediate
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Apache Eagle is an open source monitoring solution to instantly identify access to sensitive data, recognize malicious activities, and take action. Arun Karthick Manoharan, Edward Zhang, and Chaitali Gupta explain how Eagle helps secure a Hadoop cluster using policy-based and machine-learning user-profile-based detection and alerting. Read more.