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31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK

Intuit, Uber, and Etsy: Scaling innovation with A/B testing

Lucian Lita (Intuit), Mita Mahadevan (Intuit), Shalin Mantri (Uber), Gabrielle Gianelli (Etsy)
14:55–15:35 Thursday, 2/06/2016
Data-driven business
Location: Capital Suite 4
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We’ve all heard it before: your company is nothing without data-driven thinking. True, a data-driven culture empowers companies to deliver greater value to their customers, yet many organizations still struggle to break down cultural barriers and drive data-driven innovation across their products. Lucian Lita, Mita Mahadevan, Shalin Mantri, and Gabrielle Gianelli explore Intuit’s, Uber’s, and Etsy’s A/B platforms, which enable experimentation and engender a data-driven mentality.

Lucian, Mita, Shalin, and Gabrielle share what did and didn’t work as these companies built their own in-house platforms. While technical solutions are a huge part of the big data puzzle, companies must also consider company culture when attempting to evolve toward a data-driven mindset. Lucian, Mita, Shalin, and Gabrielle discuss how they encouraged their decision makers to unlock the information they need for improving conversion, deepening engagement, and maximizing retention of their users.

Topics include:

  • The journey toward a data-driven culture: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • The obstacles and challenges faced in building in-house product testing platforms
  • Examples of diverse product testing use cases from Intuit, Uber, and Etsy that delivered customer delight
  • The platform architecture and workflows from data collection to analysis using Hadoop and other big data technologies
Photo of Lucian Lita

Lucian Lita


Lucian Lita is the director of data engineering at Intuit, where he leads a big data platform and large-scale real-time data services group in the US and the EU. Previously, Lucian founded Level Up Analytics, a premier big data and data science firm focused on building data products. At BlueKai, Lucian led the Engineering & Analytics team focused on big data, real-time audience management, and analytics. Earlier, he led information extraction and medical data search efforts within Siemens Healthcare. Lucian holds a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon, where he focused on applied machine learning.

Photo of Mita Mahadevan

Mita Mahadevan


Mita Mahadevan leads the development of data products at Intuit’s Data Engineering and Analytics (IDEA) group. Mita started her career building distributed analytic systems to analyze billions of retail transactions. Her experience spans several domains, from retail analytics at Demandtec (IBM) to social network analysis at Ning. Some notable data products she has helped build include automated attribution for retail pricing, detecting growth, and diffusion patterns in online communities. Mita mentors and advises students at Hackbright and a few of the big data fellowship programs and has presented at the GHC and other industry meetups and conferences. Her hobbies include applying management principles to parenting her twin boys.

Photo of Shalin Mantri

Shalin Mantri


Shalin Mantri is the product lead for Uber’s experimentation platform. Previously, Shalin started and led Uber’s rider experience team, responsible for the iOS and Android apps that millions of people use every day. Prior to Uber, he built mobile analytics and A/B testing solutions at Upsight and also founded a mobile music startup that was acquired by Jawbone. He has an MS in management science and engineering and a BS in computer science from Stanford University.

Photo of Gabrielle Gianelli

Gabrielle Gianelli


Gabrielle Gianelli has served in both engineering and product management roles, giving her unique experience in using data to drive decision making, building large-scale systems, and designing data tools to meet organizational needs. Currently, Gabrielle is a senior program manager at Etsy for the Data Engineering team, where she has been leading the feature roadmap for Etsy’s internally built A/B testing tool and working on data reliability across key company metrics. She graduated from Princeton University with a liberal arts degree and minor in computer science.

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