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31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK

My AlgorithmicMe knows me better than Google or my mum

Majken Sander (Majken Sander)
15:50–16:10 Wednesday, 1/06/2016
Location: Capital Suite 2/3 Level: Intermediate
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Today, algorithms predict our preferences, interests, and even future actions—recommendation engines, search, and advertising targeting are the most common applications. With data collected on mobile devices and the Internet of Things, these user profiles become algorithmic representations of our identities, which can supplement—or even replace—traditional social research by providing deep insight into people’s personalities.

Emphasizing the importance of higher awareness, education, and insight about the subjective algorithms that affect our lives, Majken Sander explores the value judgements built into algorithms, discusses their consequences, and presents possible solutions, including visionary concepts like an AlgorithmicMe that could raise awareness and guide developers, analysts, and data scientists.

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Majken Sander

Majken Sander

Majken Sander is a data nerd, business analyst, and solution architect. Previously, Majken worked with IT, management information, analytics, BI, and DW for 20+ years. Armed with strong analytical expertise, she’s keen on “data driven” as a business principle, data science, the IoT, and all other things data. Read more