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Make Data Work
31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK

Developing a modern enterprise data strategy

Scott Kurth (Silicon Valley Data Science), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science)
9:00–12:30 Wednesday, 1/06/2016
Data-driven business
Location: London Suite 2&3 Level: Non-technical
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Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees should be generally familiar with the data assets in their organization and their company's strategic goals.


Big data and data science have great potential to accelerate business, but how do you reconcile the opportunity with the sea of possible technologies? Conventional data strategy offers little to guide us, focusing more on governance than on creating new value. Fundamentally, data should serve the strategic imperatives of a business—those key strategic aspirations that define the future vision for an organization. A data strategy should guide your organization in two key areas—which actions your business should take to get started with data and where to start to realize the most value. Scott Kurth and John Akred explain how to create a modern data strategy that powers data-driven business, discussing how they work to solve real business challenges with data.

Topics include:

  • Why a data strategy is necessary
  • Connecting data with business
  • Devising a data strategy
  • The data value chain
  • New technology potentials
  • Project development style
  • Organizing to execute your strategy
Photo of Scott Kurth

Scott Kurth

Silicon Valley Data Science

Scott Kurth is the vice president of client solutions at Silicon Valley Data Science, where he helps clients define and execute the strategies and data architectures that enable differentiated business growth. Building on 20 years of experience making emerging technologies relevant to enterprises, he has advised clients on the impact of technological change, typically working with CIOs, CTOs, and heads of business. Scott has helped clients drive global technology strategy, conduct prioritization of technology investments, shape alliance strategy based on technology, and build solutions for their businesses. Previously, Scott was director of the Data Insights R&D practice within the Accenture Technology Labs, where he led a team focused on employing emerging technologies to discover the insight contained in data and effectively bring that insight to bear on business processes to enable new and better outcomes and even entire new business models, and led the creation of Accenture’s annual analysis of emerging technology trends impacting the future of IT, Technology Vision, where he was responsible for tracking emerging technologies, analyzing their transformational potential, and using it to influence technology strategy for both Accenture and its clients.

Photo of John Akred

John Akred

Silicon Valley Data Science

With over 15 years in advanced analytical applications and architecture, John Akred is dedicated to helping organizations become more data driven. As CTO of Silicon Valley Data Science, John combines deep expertise in analytics and data science with business acumen and dynamic engineering leadership.

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Richard Veitch
14/06/2016 11:08 BST

Hello, I have tried on multiple occasions (as has my colleague) to get the presentation slides for this session but failed. When submitting the email address via a note promising to send a confirmation email is made but then no email comes. Please can you let me know how to get the slides? Thank you.

Robert Noyce
27/05/2016 18:11 BST

Hi John, Stephen, & the SVDS team, I’m drafting an architecture proposal that covers which open source database and storage combinations are applicable to support different business scenarios. Therefore it would be beneficial for me if you could cover a number of different technology options (Graph, Key Value, HDFS, etc), when to use, and how best to utilize them to deliver optimum value to the business.