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Make Data Work
31 May–1 June 2016: Training
1 June–3 June 2016: Conference
London, UK

Data scientists everywhere

Kim Nilsson (Pivigo)
14:00–14:20 Wednesday, 1/06/2016
Location: Capital Suite 2/3 Level: Non-technical
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Just as the cloud revolutionized how companies distribute and manage their data, the move from physical offices to geodistributed teams is revolutionizing hiring and work practices. Kim Nilsson explains how Pivigo’s S2DS data science program broadened its reach by running as a fully geodistributed “virtual” event for data scientists scattered across Europe.

The business consequences of this are massive: projects can increase their odds of success, as specialists can be included regardless of where they’re physically located; data scientists in less typical locations can now get real-world experience; S2DS graduates are better equipped to work in the new geodistributed world; and Pivigo’s ability to run courses throughout the year is no longer hampered by a lack of available physical location. And the reduced commuting footprint helps the environment as well.

Kim shares practical details of what did and didn’t work for Pivigo—and why.

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Kim Nilsson


Kim Nilsson is the CEO of Pivigo, a London-based data science marketplace and training provider responsible for S2DS, Europe’s largest data science training program, which has by now trained more than 650 fellows working on over 200 commercial projects with 120+ partner companies, including Barclays, KPMG, Royal Mail, News UK, and Marks & Spencer. An ex-astronomer turned entrepreneur with a PhD in astrophysics and an MBA, Kim is passionate about people, data, and connecting the two.