How to Get There from Here: The Road to Enterprise Data

Lynn Langit (GigaOm)
Wednesday, 12/07/2011
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How will companies familiar with BI and SQL gradually embrace unstructured data and noSQL models? Will this be through a “layer” of SQL emulation? Through an Excel plug-in that generates Hadoop workloads? A rethinking on the part of database vendors? Or something else entirely?

In this session, cloud and data expert Lynn Langit explores the roadmap to Big Data adoption by traditional enterprise IT and corporate software developers.

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Lynn Langit


Lynn is linguist who has been working with data for 10 years. She’s published 3 books on SQL Server Business Intelligence and has most recently worked with the SQL Azure team at Microsoft.

In Oct 2011, Lynn left Microsoft to work as a voice in the Big Data frontier. She plans to analyze and write about the state of data in the cloud in her new blog, to teach and to build big data solutions.