Mar 15–18, 2020
Mehrnoosh Sameki (MERS)

Mehrnoosh Sameki (MERS)
Technical Program Manager, Microsoft

Mehrnoosh Sameki is a technical program manager at Microsoft responsible for leading the product efforts on machine learning interpretability within the Azure Machine Learning platform. Previously, she was a data scientist at Rue Gilt Groupe, incorporating data science and machine learning in retail space to drive revenue and enhance personalized shopping experiences of customers. She earned her PhD degree in computer science at Boston University.


9:00am12:30pm Monday, March 16, 2020
Location: LL21 E/F
Mehrnoosh Sameki (MERS) (Microsoft), Sarah Bird (Microsoft)
Main focus: Six core principles of responsible AI: fairness, reliability/safety, privacy/security, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability. We will focus on Transparency (Interpretability), Fairness, and Privacy and cover best practices and state-of-the-art open source toolkits that empower researchers, data scientists, and stakeholders to build more trustworthy AI systems. Read more.

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