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March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA

Model governance in the enterprise

Harish Doddi (Datatron Technologies), Jerry Xu (Datatron Technologies)
4:40pm5:20pm Thursday, March 28, 2019
Secondary topics:  Model lifecycle management

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CIO, CDO, CTO, VP of Engineering, VP of Data Science



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With more and more business decisions are made by the machine learning models, do you know why your model made a decision? Is it biased? Can you find out which version of your model was on production 2 months ago? Are you getting alerts if your model is under malicious attack? Is your model performing as it was trained? Is there any concept drift happening? Come to our session to learn about the challenges we faced before to scaling machine learning models and the solutions we are building to conquer those challenges.

Photo of Harish Doddi

Harish Doddi

Datatron Technologies

Harish Doddi is counder and CEO of Datatron Technologies. Previously, he held roles at Oracle; Twitter, where he worked on open source technologies, including Apache Cassandra and Apache Hadoop, and built Blobstore, Twitter’s photo storage platform; Snapchat, where he worked on the backend for Snapchat stories; and Lyft, where he worked on the surge pricing model. Harish holds a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford, where he focused on systems and databases, and an undergraduate degree in computer science from the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad.

Photo of Jerry Xu

Jerry Xu

Datatron Technologies

Jerry Xu is cofounder and CTO at Datatron Technologies. An innovative software engineer with extensive programming and design experience in storage systems, online services, mobile, distributed systems, virtualization, and OS kernels, Jerry also has a demonstrated ability to direct and motivate a team of software engineers to complete projects meeting specifications and deadlines. Previously, he worked at Zynga, Twitter, Box, and Lyft, where he built the company’s ETA machine learning model. Jerry is the author of open source project LibCrunch. He is a three-time Microsoft Gold Star Award winner.

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