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March 5–6, 2018: Training
March 6–8, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

What is the relationship between social influence and the NBA?

Noah Gift (UC Davis)

Who is this presentation for?

Data Scientists, Developers, Media and Entertainment Employees

Prerequisite knowledge

Basic understanding of Python and Data Science.

What you'll learn

* Learn to collect data from 3rd party sources and use it in a Machine Learning project. * Explore social media's influence on the NBA * Explore Jupyter Notebook programming with Scikit learn.


While working at Sqor Sports as technical employee #1 and CTO, Noah Gift learned how social media influenced the NBA and vice versa. Sqor Sports was able to grow to millions of monthly active users by leveraging influencers that were found by machine learning algorithms.

In this talk the learnings and research from that experience are leveraged to explore how social media and the NBA intersect. Teams and their valuations are compared against social media power, as well as individual player performance on and off the court.

The audience will learn how to recreate this research by working with Juypter notebooks that are found here:

Further readings can be found from a series developed for IBM Developersworks on this subject.

Photo of Noah Gift

Noah Gift

UC Davis

In the last eight years I have been responsible for shipping greater than 10 new products at multiple companies that generated millions of dollars of revenue and had global scale. I have also written production machine learning models for last five years in Python and R. In my last position, I helped build the company from scratch, create the first product and hired and managed all employees over three years. These new products have been in varying conditions:

° products I wrote myself 100% from scratch
° teams I hired and managed to write them
° deeply troubled products that were full of technical debt when I inherited them and fixed them

★ Year – Product – Technologies ★
° 2017 -Shopify App
° 2017 – AI Pipeline on Google Cloud
° 2016 – VR Pipeline on AW – Python, Lambda, AWS
° 2015 – Sports Social Network (iOS,Android,Web) – Erlang/Elixir/C#/Swift/Python/R
° 2014 – Daily Fantasy Sports iOS App – Erlang/C#/Xamarin
° 2013 – Versu iOS Mobile Game – Erlang/C#/Xamarin
° 2013 – Blocksworld iOS Game – Python/C#/Unity 3D
° 2012 – DIO Fan Fiction Social Network – Rails/RabbitMQ
° 2011 – Monthly Subscription E-Commerce System – Python
° 2011 – Mac Desktop Application – Objective-C
° 2010 – Centralized Asset Management System – Python/SQL
° 2009 – Link Sharing Social Network – Python/Django
° 2009 – Content Management System – Python/Django

I am an adaptable technical leader, entrepreneur, software developer/architect/engineer with over 20 years experience in leadership and engineering, including P&L responsibility. I am also a data driven leader that is comfortable using mathematical modeling to solve complex problems.

★ Specialties ★

° Building Companies
° Shipping new Products
° Solving interesting (tough and scary) problems, in any language/environments.
° Leading and growing engineering teams
° Production Machine Learning
° Advising Early Stage Startups/Consulting CTO services
° Distributed Systems and Scalability
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