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March 25-28, 2019
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The enterprise data cloud

Mike Olson (Cloudera)
9:25am9:35am Thursday, March 28, 2019
Location: Ballroom
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The last decade has seen incredible changes in our technology. The advent of big data and powerful new analytic techniques means that we understand the world in ways that were simply impossible before. The simultaneous explosion of public cloud services has fundamentally changed our expectations of technology: it should be fast, simple, and flexible to use.

Most enterprises now operate across multiple public clouds and in their own data centers and want the same flexibility and convenience they get in the public cloud, no matter where their data lives or their applications run. We’ve reached the point that the “enterprise data cloud” must span the firewall and the services offered by hyperscale vendors. Mike Olson describes the key capabilities that such a system requires and why hybrid and multicloud is the future.

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Mike Olson


Mike Olson cofounded Cloudera in 2008 and served as its CEO until 2013, when he took on his current role of chief strategy officer. As CSO, Mike is responsible for Cloudera’s product strategy, open source leadership, engineering alignment, and direct engagement with customers. Previously, Mike was CEO of Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, the open source embedded database engine, and he spent two years at Oracle Corporation as vice president for embedded technologies after Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat. Prior to joining Sleepycat, Mike held technical and business positions at database vendors Britton Lee, Illustra Information Technologies, and Informix Software. Mike holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.