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March 25-28, 2019
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When self-service BI meets geospatial analysis

Kyungtaak Noh (SK Telecom)
2:00pm2:30pm Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Secondary topics:  Visualization, Design, and UX
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In the analysis of the mobile world, everyone starts with the question, Where? SK Telecom already offers metatron-discovery, a quick and easy self-service BI tool based on Apache Druid that can analyze the quality indicators that occur from a large amount of data in real time. So far, it has been providing chart or text-oriented analysis, but users (as quality managers) wanted a more natural means of analysis—geospatial analysis.

Kyungtaak Noh explains how SK Telecom provides geospatial analysis. You’ll see how the company standardized the domain-specific analysis system using GeoServer and how it used Lucene to power up geospatial analysis in order to make up for the weaknesses of Druid in the geospatial field.

Photo of Kyungtaak Noh

Kyungtaak Noh

SK Telecom

Kyungtaak Noh runs the Metatron project team within product development at SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless communications provider, where he’s responsible for managing product development for product and visualizing and coordinating with big data applications. He has 10+ years of experience working on applied big data platforms for for groupware, semiconductor, finance, and telecommunication as a software engineer.