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March 5–6, 2018: Training
March 6–8, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
Yishay Carmiel

Yishay Carmiel
Founder, IntelligentWire


Yishay Carmiel is the founder of IntelligentWire, a company that develops and implements industry-leading deep learning and AI technologies for automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP), and advanced voice data extraction, and is the head of Spoken Labs, the strategic artificial intelligence and machine learning research arm of Spoken Communications. Yishay and his teams are currently working on bleeding-edge innovations that make the real-time customer experience a reality—at scale. Yishay has nearly 20 years’ experience as an algorithm scientist and technology leader building large-scale machine learning algorithms and serving as a deep learning expert.


11:50am12:30pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Strata Business Summit
Location: 210 A/E
Yishay Carmiel (IntelligentWire)
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One of the most important tasks of AI has been to understand humans. People want machines to understand not only what they say but also what they mean and to take particular actions based on that information. This goal is the essence of conversational AI. Yishay Carmiel explores the latest breakthroughs and revolutions in this field and the challenges still to come. Read more.