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March 5–6, 2018: Training
March 6–8, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
Patrick Phelps

Patrick Phelps
Data Scientist, Pinterest

Patrick Phelps is the lead data scientist on ads at Pinterest, focusing on auction dynamics and advertiser success. Previously, Patrick was the lead data scientist at Yelp, leading a team focusing on projects as diverse as search, ads, delivery operations, and HR. He has an engineering background in traffic quality (the art of distinguishing automated systems and malicious actors from legitimate users across a variety of platforms) and held an Insight Data Science fellowship. Patrick is passionate about the ability of data to provide key, quantitative insights to businesses during the decision-making process and is an advocate for data science education across all layers of a company. Patrick holds a PhD in experimental high-energy particle astrophysics.


1:50pm2:30pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Frances Haugen (Pinterest), Patrick Phelps (Pinterest)
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Data science is most powerful when combined with deep domain knowledge, but those with domain knowledge don't work on data-focused teams. So how do you empower employees with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to be effective users of data? Frances Haugen and Patrick Phelps dive into the social side of data and share strategies for unlocking otherwise unobtainable insights. Read more.