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March 13–14, 2017: Training
March 14–16, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
Nandu Jayakumar

Nandu Jayakumar
Vice President, Development, Oracle

Website | @junkumar

Nandu Jayakumar is a software architect and engineering leader at Oracle. Before that he was responsible for the long-term architecture of data systems and was Senior Director of data platform development at Visa. Previously, as a senior leader of Yahoo’s well-regarded data team, Nandu built key pieces of Yahoo’s data processing tools and platforms over several iterations, which were used to improve user engagement on Yahoo websites and mobile apps. He also designed large-scale advertising systems and contributed code to Shark (SQL on Spark) during his time there. Nandu holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Bangalore University and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University, where he focused on databases and distributed systems.


4:20pm5:00pm Thursday, March 16, 2017
Enterprise adoption
Location: LL20 C Level: Intermediate
Nandu Jayakumar (Oracle), Rajesh Bhargava (Visa)
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Visa is transforming the way it manages data: database appliances are giving way to Hadoop and HBase, and proprietary ETL is being replaced by Spark. Nandu Jayakumar and Rajesh Bhargava discuss the adoption of big data practices at this conservative financial enterprise and contrasts it with the adoption of the same ideas at Nandu's previous employer, a web/ad-tech company. Read more.