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March 13–14, 2017: Training
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San Jose, CA

How Pinterest scaled to build the world’s catalog of 75+ billion ideas

Romit Jadhwani (Pinterest)
2:40pm3:20pm Thursday, March 16, 2017
Business case studies, Strata Business Summit
Location: 210 D/H Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Media
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Analytics managers, data engineering managers, business intelligence managers, IT managers, and data warehouse owners

What you'll learn

  • Understand the focus, motivations, and decisions made to scale data systems and to align analytics with most crucial use cases at different points of a hypergrowth phase
  • Explore Pinterest's hypergrowth journey


When a company goes through a hypergrowth phase, things move faster than you can control or even sometimes comprehend. This pushes teams to take shortcuts to facilitate faster data-driven decisions. If not prudently managed, this can result in a high “data debt,” which inhibits future growth opportunities.

During Pinterest’s hypergrowth journey over the past six years, the data team made conscious decisions about technology, infrastructure, and processes to ensure that the data infrastructure scaled with the user growth, teams had the right tools to derive insights from the data, decision-making velocity was not impacted, and data debt was kept under control.

Romit Jadhwani deep dives into the different phases of Pinterest’s journey, focusing on questions asked, analytics and data solutions designed, and value added during each phase, offering a high-level blueprint for data teams to consider for their own hypergrowth journeys.

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Romit Jadhwani


Romit Jadhwani is business intelligence lead at Pinterest, where he is helping to improve business operations by enabling data analytics, data science, and visualization. Romit has over 10 years of experience in business intelligence and analytics across technology, online advertising, telecommunications, and financial services industries. He loves solving challenges at scale and is passionate about unlocking the maximum business potential of technology assets. Previously, Romit led a BI team at Google focused on financial analytics for Google’s advertising products. He holds a graduate degree in computer science.

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Picture of Romit Jadhwani
03/28/2017 3:45am PDT

Jeremy – Thanks for the feedback.

The slides have been posted on my LinkedIn profile

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Jeremy Woodfin | ARCHITECT
03/22/2017 7:34am PDT

Great presentation. is it possible to upload the slides?