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March 13–14, 2017: Training
March 14–16, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Astellas Pharma's marketing analytics data lake

Kishore Papineni (Astellas Pharma), Paul Barth (Podium Data)
11:30am12:00pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017
DCS, Law, ethics, governance, Strata Business Summit
Location: LL20 A Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Healthcare
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IT and analytic teams often struggle to access quality data in a timely and efficient manner, as data is often locked inside traditional data warehousing platforms. Kishore Papineni shares his experience migrating Astellas’s analytic data from a data warehouse appliance to a hosted Hadoop data lake.

This new data lake gives 60 analysts in Astellas’s marketing analyst team secure, self-serve access to an expanded data universe of over 50 terabytes of pharmaceutical, clinical, and real-world data. The solution has allowed the team to complete 30 times more analysis projects and is attracting an expanding group of other Astellas business groups, including drug development and discovery, who want to use the lake to manage data and drive analytics. Based on the success of the platform, Astellas plans to replicate this capability globally.

Topics include:

  • Enterprise data lake (EDL) deployment best practices and pitfalls
  • EDL investment, cost savings, and ROI considerations
  • Enabling self-service data access and preparation for analysts with no Hadoop skills

This session is sponsored by Podium Data.

Kishore Papineni

Astellas Pharma

Kishore Papineni is director of information strategy and management and RWI and analytics at Astellas Pharma.

Photo of Paul Barth

Paul Barth

Podium Data

Paul Barth is founder and CEO of Podium Data, creator of the industry-leading Podium data lake software platform, which is redefining enterprise data management. He has spent decades developing advanced data and analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies and is a recognized thought leader on business-driven data strategies and best practices. Prior to founding Podium Data, Paul cofounded NewVantage Partners, a boutique consultancy advising C-level executives at leading banking, investment, and insurance firms. In his roles at Schlumberger, Thinking Machines, Epsilon, Tessera, and iXL, Paul led the discovery and development of parallel processing and machine-learning technologies to dramatically accelerate and simplify data management and analytics. Paul holds a PhD in computer science from MIT and an MS from Yale University.