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March 28–29, 2016: Training
March 29–31, 2016: Conference
San Jose, CA
Weidong Zhang

Weidong Zhang
Manager, Data Analytics and Infrastructure, LinkedIn


Weidong Zhang is an engineering manager on the Data Analytics Infrastructure team at LinkedIn and leads the marketing and customer-service data warehouse vertical. Weidong has a passion for analytics, research, and data-driven decision making. He spent 10+ years in the data warehouse ETL and BI reporting fields and leverages his knowledge with business intelligence and Hadoop’s massive data-processing capability to address business needs. Weidong earned his PhD in computation fluid dynamics.


11:00am–11:40am Thursday, 03/31/2016
Chi-Yi Kuan (LinkedIn), Weidong Zhang (LinkedIn), Tiger Zhang (LinkedIn)
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Chi-Yi Kuan, Weidong Zhang, and Yongzheng Zhang explain how LinkedIn has built a "voice of member" platform to analyze hundreds of millions of text documents. Chi-Yi, Weidong, and Yongzheng illustrate the critical components of this platform and showcase how LinkedIn leverages it to derive insights such as customer value propositions from an enormous amount of unstructured data. Read more.