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Make Data Work
March 28–29, 2016: Training
March 29–31, 2016: Conference
San Jose, CA
Stephen O'Sullivan

Stephen O'Sullivan
Data Geek, Data Whisperers


A leading expert on big data architectures, Stephen O’Sullivan has 25 years of experience creating scalable, high-availability data and applications solutions. A veteran of Silicon Valley Data Science, @WalmartLabs, Sun, and Yahoo. Stephen is an independent adviser to enterprises on all things data..


9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, 03/29/2016
Spark & Beyond

Location: LL21 C/D
John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science), Stephen O'Sullivan (Data Whisperers), Gary Dusbabek (Silicon Valley Data Science)
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What are the essential components of a data platform? John Akred, Stephen O'Sullivan, and Gary Dusbabek explain how the various parts of the Hadoop, Spark, and big data ecosystems fit together in production to create a data platform supporting batch, interactive, and real-time analytical workloads. Read more.
1:50pm–2:30pm Thursday, 03/31/2016
Silvia Oliveros (Silicon Valley Data Science), Stephen O'Sullivan (Data Whisperers)
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You have your Hadoop cluster, and you are ready to fill it up with data. But wait! Which format should you use to store your data? Should you store it in plain text, SequenceFile, Avro, or Parquet? (And should you compress it?) Silvia Oliveros and Stephen O'Sullivan cover the hows, whys, and whens of choosing one format over another and take a closer look at some of the tradeoffs each offers. Read more.