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March 28–29, 2016: Training
March 29–31, 2016: Conference
San Jose, CA

Building a scalable architecture for processing streaming data on AWS

Siva Raghupathy (Amazon Web Services), Manjeet Chayel (Amazon Web Services)
5:10pm–5:50pm Wednesday, 03/30/2016

Location: 210 B/F
Tags: real-time
Average rating: ****.
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Long gone are the days where big data was confined to batch processing. From video streaming to real-time recommendation engines, preventive maintenance to fraud detection applications, analyzing real-time streams of data is becoming increasingly important to remain competitive. Siva Raghupathy and Manjeet Chayel guide attendees through some of the proven architectures for processing streaming data using a combination of cloud and open source tools. Watch a live demo and learn how you can easily scale your applications with AWS.

Topics include:

  • Use cases and best practices for streaming data applications
  • Leveraging AWS managed services such as Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda
  • Integrating popular tools such as Apache Spark

This session is sponsored by Amazon Web Services.

Photo of Siva Raghupathy

Siva Raghupathy

Amazon Web Services

Siva Raghupathy leads the Americas Big Data Solutions Architecture team at AWS, where he guides developers and architects in building successful big data solutions on AWS. Previously, as a principal technical program manager for AWS Database Service, Siva gathered emerging NoSQL requirements and wrote the first version of DynamoDB product specification. Later, as a development manager for Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS), he drove several enhancements. Prior to AWS, Siva spent several years at Microsoft.

Photo of Manjeet Chayel

Manjeet Chayel

Amazon Web Services

Manjeet Chayel is a specialist SA for AWS working on big data technology solutions. Manjeet focuses on Amazon EMR and helps customers solve their big data problems using the right techniques and tools for the job.

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Manjeet Chayel
04/05/2016 6:24am PDT

Hi Pawan,

I will share it soon as blog post. So everyone can benefit from it.


Pawan Yadav
04/04/2016 6:05am PDT

Hi Manjeet ,

Is there a way we can get access to your demo notebook ?


Picture of Siva Raghupathy
Siva Raghupathy
04/01/2016 7:57am PDT

Hi Ron,

I uploaded the slides. You should see them soon.

Thanks, Siva

04/01/2016 3:25am PDT

Will the slides for this presentation be posted?