Chris Thorpe

Chris Thorpe
Founder/Technologist, Artfinder

Chris is never sure what to say in biographies and tends to introduce himself as someone who makes things, often with code, always powered by tea. His background as a research scientist and his early involvement in Open Access publishing, makes him fascinated and passionate about what happens when data, content, platforms, identity and pretty much anything opens up.

Previously he’s worked on projects as diverse as video archives of Nobel Prize winners, putting contemporary art on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, building best-selling social worlds for children, a developer platform for The Guardian and open data projects with the UK government.

He’s a co-founder and Technologist at Artfinder, a startup which is aiming at being the place to find art anywhere the network touches.


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Jeff Jonas (IBM), Chris Thorpe (Artfinder), Benjamin Hayes (Accenture)
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