Steve Hirsch

Steve Hirsch
Chief Data Officer, NYSE Euronext


In his current role as Chief Data Officer of NYSE Euronext, Steve Hirsch is responsible for the data vertical which includes data governance, data architecture, database development, operations, platform engineering, storage, and dataflow automation. Prior to entering the exchange space at Archipelago (which later merged with the NYSE), Steve served in other data centric roles at various companies, including Nextcard, one of the first online providers of consumer credit, as well as household names Del Monte Foods and the Walt Disney Company. Steve’s passion for technology began early on in life, coding his first database engine and accounting system while he was still in elementary school and co-founding his first software development firm during his high school years.


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Steve Hirsch (NYSE Euronext)
Financial markets run on data. In this session, Steven Hirsch of NYSE Euronext looks at how financial information flows through some of the largest trading centers on the planet, where accuracy is everything and transaction speed is measured in microseconds. Read more.