Real-World Applications: Tracking the World, One Thing at a Time

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We’re connecting the world. Not just people: we’re checking into places, putting chips in cars, measuring houses, tracking food, and instrumenting every aspect of our lives. Tendril’s Peter Laird takes us on a tour of the Internet of Things, showing us how in a few short years Big Data will be inextricably linked to every transaction in every industry.

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Peter Laird


Peter Laird is the Platform Architect for Tendril. Tendril offers a hosted platform to manage connected devices for residential applications. The Tendril Connect platform operates in a data center, and communicates with each home to enable device provisioning, remote device operations, and remote device data capture. Currently, this platform is the leading solution for energy utilities deploying in-home devices in support of Smart Grid initiatives. Beyond the utility market, the Tendril Connect platform has been adopted by vendors such as Whirlpool, which selected Tendril Connect for its smart appliance initiative.

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