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Amik Ahmad commented on Ignite Strata Rx
Awesome minimalist slides by Sam Rodgers … the doctor that knows how to use illustrator :P

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Allison Gillespie commented on Speed Networking
Looking forward to this event.

Featured Speakers

After working in medical informatics for 50 years, I'm completely re-energized. I'm signing up for another 50 years.
— previous attendee
If you're interested in learning how to build a health system, you MUST attend Strata Rx. It's as much about scaling learning as scaling data.
— previous attendee
Strata Rx brings together the best people working in the health data revolution -- more doers than thinkers, which is a good thing.
— previous attendee

Five Things You'll do at Strata Rx 2013 That Will Change the Way You Look at Data

  1. Connect and collaborate with your peers across the healthcare industry. Unlike many healthcare meetings, Strata Rx attendees come from a wide range of healthcare industries, but the share a common goal: to overcome the challenges and uncover the opportunities of healthcare data. The people you meet at Strata Rx may turn to out to be the most valuable connections in your career.
  2. Get face-to-face with the leading big data experts. At Strata Rx, you'll connect with the leading minds in healthcare data as they converge to map out the future of healthcare data and share their experiences and expertise.
  3. Find solutions to your biggest data challenges. If you have gnarly data challenges, you aren't alone. Whatever it is, someone at Strata Rx has faced it too, and probably has great advice to offer. List your biggest headaches and compare your list to Strata Rx's agenda. Odds are, the solutions await you.
  4. Dive into detailed case studies of data successes. You'll learn exactly how innovative start-ups and established healthcare organizations have implemented highly successful data-driven strategies. You'll be able to take advantage of their hard-won experience in your own projects: you'll avoid the pitfalls they encountered, and hear the tips, tricks, and strategies they discovered that ensured success.
  5. Hear it first at Strata Rx. The latest research, best practices, technologies, and analytic approaches are unveiled at Strata Rx. You'll learn about emerging tools and technologies; new techniques in predictive or real-time analysis; developing issues in policy or privacy; and cutting edge interface or infrastructure developments. If it's important in healthcare data, it's at Strata Rx.

The intersection between big data and healthcare has never had greater potential—or more dangerous pitfalls. If your job involves data in the healthcare field join us—and more than a thousand of your peers—at the O'Reilly Strata Rx Conference, happening September 25-27 in Boston, MA.

Help Us Support Technology and Diversity

To help support technology education and diversity, while Strata Rx registration is open, we're raising funds for CodeEd, a non-profit organization that teaches computer science to girls in underserved communities, starting in middle school. We ask that you consider joining us in supporting this worthy organization by making a modest donation when you sign up. O'Reilly Media will match those donations at the end of the conference.