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Maurice Collins

Maurice Collins
General Manager, Vocatta, Inc.


Maurice Collins is the General Manager for Vocatta, Inc. Maurice leads the team on developing solutions focused on adherence and engagement outreach for Federally Qualified Health Clinics.

Maurice is a seasoned technologist with nearly 20 years experience building enterprise grade software. He has lead teams, as large as 80 members, develop software solutions that support populations of over 40 million participants. He has spent the last 10 years of his career in the healthcare industry, working specifically in the areas of continued care management, behavior changes interventions, and healthcare provider solutions.

Maurice holds a bachelor of science degree from Kettering University and a master’s of business administrations degree from Eastern Michigan University.


Bill Tan (Transcendent Endeavors), Maurice Collins (Vocatta, Inc.)
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The Communication Genome Project is a large-scale data analysis project that breaks communication down into incremental, machine-readable “genes”. This nuanced knowledge of communication can be used to optimize patient-provider interactions and meaningfully influence patient adherence patterns. Read more.
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Bill Tan (Transcendent Endeavors), Maurice Collins (Vocatta, Inc.)
How does communication impact health outcomes? Please stop by if you're interested in: * optimizing one-on-one dialogs between a care provider and a patient (e.g. discharge instructions) * improving the outcomes of public health outreach campaigns (e.g. a series of phone/tex/email messages re: lifestyle changes) * learning more about the Communication Genome Project Read more.

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