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diane burley

diane burley
Chief Content Strategist, MarkLogic


Diane Burley is the Chief Content Specialist at MarkLogic – responsible for overseeing the development of information products to engage audiences. As a former journalist and digital media, she is expert in dynamic publishing and multi-channel delivery and using technology to address business concerns, namely: attracting audiences, engaging, retaining and persuading them to take action. A prolific and award-winning writer, Diane has had executive positions at Gannett, CBS and Lucent Technologies.


Sponsored Sessions Provincetown
diane burley (MarkLogic), Aaron Brauser (M*Modal), Aaron Stranahan (ICA)
Better outcomes and cost-containment are two urgent public health concerns and unified information is the Rx.Explore how some are transforming the healthcare industry as they unify everything from doctors’ scribbles, providers’ claims and patient charts onto one platform. What are the challenges of interoperability, the benefits of adding intelligence, the distinctions between search and querying. Read more.

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