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Andrew Girvin

Andrew Girvin
Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies


Andrew Girvin, Ph.D., a Forward Deployed Engineer with Palantir Technologies, has significant experience developing applications for Palantir’s pharmaceutical deployments, public health, and environmental science. He brings years of domain expertise to Palantir’s early work in R&D and scientific data analysis. Girvin’s work in the fields of cell signaling and immunology has been published in journals such as Immunity and Protein Engineering, among others. His awards and honors include a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and membership in Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa. Girvin completed a Ph.D. in immunology at Stanford University, and as an undergraduate, studied biochemistry at Brown University.


Platforms Salon F
Lauren Chaparro (Palantir Technologies), Andrew Girvin (Palantir Technologies)
Harnessing big data in the early discovery of new pharmaceuticals requires the breakdown of data siloes, visualization of complex systems and secure sharing. Using technology originally created for the very different data sources of the US Intelligence community, this session will break down the use of cutting edge techniques used to harness data and inform safe, smarter, and faster drug design. Read more.

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