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Bob Evans

Bob Evans
Software Engineer, Google Inc

Website | @objecter

Bob Evans is a tool maker. His work is dedicated to augmenting human intelligence and quality of life by providing tools to support analysis and exploration. For the past three years of his time as a software engineer at Google, Bob has been working on an open source, free platform called Paco (named after his dog, but, you can also call it the Personal Analytics COmpanion to sound more official). Paco allows individuals and behavior scientists to easily create and conduct behavior studies and interventions on mobile phones.

Before that he built tools just for software engineers at Agitar Software, Borland Software, and other companies.


Data Liquidity, Patient Engagement, Platforms, Precision Medicine Salon H-K
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Bob Evans (Google Inc)
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Where is the app to track how often you eat homemade peanut butter cookies and correlates that with your sense of wellbeing? There will never be an app for that. There are a million things that quantified self-ers and behavioral scientists want to know about behavior. There is an app for that! Learn to quickly build your own mobile health experiments using Paco an opensource platform. Read more.

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