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3D Healthcare :: A “Deeper” Understanding of Motion Disorders

Lily Szajnberg (GAGE - Gait Assessment + Gesture Evaluation), Greg Borenstein (MIT Media Lab)
Platforms, Precision Medicine Salon G
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The Kinect disrupted way more than gaming when it was released in 2010; it made gestural control an affordable reality and found its way into myriad other industries. 2013 is bringing us Leap Motion, MYO, and improved tracking for the Kinect and Asus cameras. Learn how to harness these emerging technologies for healthcare applications just as they hit the market.

In just 75 minutes, everyone will have created a basic software application to track 16 parts of the human skeleton, the human face, and fingers. The only thing we ask of each participant is to bring an idea of how this tracking can be applied to a simple healthcare issue to make at home care easier.

Photo of Lily Szajnberg

Lily Szajnberg

GAGE - Gait Assessment + Gesture Evaluation

Lily Szajnberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for GAGE – Gait Assessment + Gesture Evaluation, a healthcare software platform that automates existing motion and gait disorder tests. She holds a Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU and a BA from Brown University. Her work has been featured at SXSW 2012, MTV, Huffington Post, and Make Blog among other place. She most recently presented GAGE at the 2013 Women’s Entrepreneurship Festival in NYC and the 2012 American Society of Biomechanics.

Greg Borenstein

MIT Media Lab

Greg Borenstein is an artist, technologist, and teacher in New York. His work explores computer vision and visual effects as a medium for storytelling and design. He is passionate about transforming advanced technical research into creative tools: tickling the tips of these icebergs of technology so that they laugh a little.

Greg is a graduate of the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and has worked for firms such as Makerbot and Berg London. He is the author of a book for O’Reilly about the Microsoft Kinect, titled: Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot.

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