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How Data and Analytics Can Drive Real and Meaningful Organizational Changes

Eugene Kolker (Seattle Children's)
Value-Based Care Salon F
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Data have long been “mined” for nuggets of gold by such industries as banking, real estate, and aviation. For instance, the ability to predict shopping trends can make the difference between being in the black or the red. Specifically in HC, leaders, and managers are staring down the barrel of the Affordable Care Act, knowing they need to make informed decisions, improve care and outcomes, while reducing waste. Data can and should be used as a strategic asset to help with these challenges; yet, adopting new systems and implementing sweeping changes may seem beyond reach. We are here to share the lessons we have learned and provide concrete steps to success.

We will discuss some of the lessons the HC industry can learn from other service industries and fields, including, for example, banking and aviation industries as well as data science. These areas have already tackled big data and analytics. Participants will learn how to utilize lessons from these fields as well as diving into HC case studies in order to demonstrate potential benefits to HC leaders, managers, and consumers. We recognize that people and communication are key to enacting change! Therefore, this tutorial will focus on empowering HC leaders, who are watching the bottom line, to translate data and analytics into clear and actionable outcomes that will ultimately benefit patients looking for cures.

  • Extract insights from HC big data and transforming your data into actual knowledge that serves as a base for better decision making and enterprise change
  • Making the case to HC executive leadership: recognizing data as a strategic enterprise asset which can help leadership prioritize what areas need to be focused on and when
  • Recognizing data and analytics as effective tools for reducing waste and costs and improving patient outcomes
  • Identifying prerequisites for a project-based approach and project opportunities via data and predictive analytics and simplified work
  • Re-defining value in HC: how data science can enable dual focus on spending and care outcomes
  • Assembling your team and toolkit: which skilled analytics personnel to recruit and how to utilize resources to maximize your enterprise and patient benefits
  • Using data and predictive analytics in your HC organization: lessons learned from other service industries and data science
  • Common barriers and pitfalls in HC data and analytics: how to remove them and accelerate real and meaningful organizational changes
  • Designing, implementing, and aligning projects: delve into case studies from the HC industry
Photo of Eugene Kolker

Eugene Kolker

Seattle Children's

Eugene Kolker is Chief Data Officer at Seattle Children’s and Head of the Bioinformatics & High-throughput Analysis Laboratory at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. In 2001, he co-founded OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology and served as its Editor-in-Chief through 2012. He is now Executive Editor of OMICS. In 2011, Eugene co-founded DELSA Global (Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance) a non-for-profit organization and serves as its President. In 2012, he co-founded the Big Data journal and serves as its Executive Editor. Dr. Kolker has more than 25 years of transdisciplinary experience in data analysis, integration and dissemination, predictive analytics, software and algorithm development, and informatics. Eugene is also an Affiliate Professor at the Departments of Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education and Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle. His work is currently supported by NIH, NSF, the Robert B. McMillen Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and SCRI.

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