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The Only Constant in Health Behavior is Change

Christine Lemke (AchieveMint)
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With the proliferation of sensors, connected devices and applications to track food, activity, vital signs, and consumer social data, we are starting to gather a rich view of health behavior in the real world.

In a brave new world, when behavior profiles are combined with health records and even genomic data to create the holy trinity of healthcare, we can begin to prescribe the exact activities and interventions to guarantee the best health outcomes.

However, the behavior data also tell us that people’s behaviors are in a constant state of unpredictable flux. In addition to the different “personality profiles” of behavior, profiles seem to change for each person over time and under different circumstances.

Therefore, we need more than just data to change behavior, we need a constant environment of experimentation where data’s role is more than just prescriptive. In this session, we’ll explore experimentation platforms and data’s expanding role into measurement, optimization and identification of real-time context for health interventions.

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Christine Lemke


Christine Lemke is the Co-founder of AchieveMint, a company leveraging data analytics to encourage healthy behavior change. AchieveMint partners with mobile and web health applications to provide an intelligent incentive system for consumers who take healthy actions.

Prior to AchieveMint, Christine co-founded the data analytics company Sense Networks along with leading machine learning professors from MIT and Columbia. She is also the Co-founder product analytics company Channel IQ, based in Chicago. Additionally, Christine has held roles at Microsoft XBOX and 3i Group in Paris.

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